When calculating the Love Quotient, am I measuring my loved one or myself?

You are scoring your loved one. However, you should read the description of each ingredient clearly as some ask you to consider yourself and some others ask you to consider your loved one.

Do I communicate with my loved one before calculating their Love Quotient?

No. It is important that you outline what is important to you, and not be influenced by your loved one. This is your opportunity to communicate anything that you feel would enhance your relationship. It is all about you. You will both have a chance to share and discuss scoring methodologies after you review your respective scores.

Does it matter if I placed the same issue in a different ingredient than my loved one did?

No. The purpose of the exercise is to open up dialogue and provide an opportunity for your loved one to be more in tuned with your desires. All issues will be taken into account in your scoring - whether it's a plus or minus - regardless of where it was categorized.

How often should I rate my relationship?

The wonderful thing about the OMADAMO tool is that is doesn't matter if you rate daily, weekly or even annually. It will average out the total number of ratings you do make - for each ingredient, for each relationship - thus providing you a better average score (and insight as to how you feel about a particular relationship) over time. We do recommend you get into a habit of rating when you feel something is going right, or something is going wrong so you can record specific details to communicate to your loved one. Think of OMADAMO as your navigation system. This of your desire and effort as the force. Both navigation and force are needed to keep your relationship on track, as the winds of life continuously gust.

What is the purpose of the INTOX?

Think of the 28 day INTOX period as a period where you both "hit the ground running" to get in tune with each other's desires and expectations. It will force you to get into positive habits that will strengthen your relationship down the road.

Is it possible to score +35?

It is possible to feel like your loved one deserves that score, but not likely to keep that score. The planet is too big and our time on it too short to experience everything. That is part of the beauty of developing a shared history with our loved one, the constant effort. Just like maintaining a healthy weight, if we stop working at it, we will begin to notice its negative effects. Furthermore, we do not remain static...we are constantly changing and appreciating new things, which means our needs, wants and desires also change with time. Being committed to the "commitment" of a love relationship is what OMADAMO is all about, and it is how you will both flourish.