Five keys to maintaining a happy, healthy marriage

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Once you have decided to tie the knot with the love of your life, you might consider the rest of your relationship to be smooth sailing. However, the fact of the matter is that marriage takes work - on both ends. If you and your significant other are doing little to keep the flame alive, you might find yourself in a rut sooner rather than later. Consider the following tips as a way to maintain a happy, healthy marriage.

1. Be mindful of your figure.

Although it may sound blunt, found that married couples tend to let themselves go once they say "I do." This can lead to trouble when it comes to sexual appeal and might even cause your loved one to stray. Instead of letting the "battle of the bulge" get the best of you, work together to create a healthy meal plan and exercise regularly.

2. Be honest about your financial situation.

Money can be the death of any healthy relationship, but it can be easily prevented by being honest about your finances as a couple. Instead of lying to your partner about an expense, let him or her know beforehand that you intend to spend the money. Taking the "Honesty is the best policy" route can prevent problems in the future.

3. Share the housework.

This is an especially big tip for married couples who have children. NPR reports that individuals who split the responsibilities around the house can substantially improve their happiness and marriage.

4. Create household rules. reports that many of the problems that arise beteween couples result from trivial matters, such as who is going to take out the trash or mail the bills. Instead of letting these small concerns pile up, address them as soon as possible.

Come up with a system that the both of you can agree on when it comes to maintaining your household. Doing so can prevent arguments and help you appreciate your partner in the long run.

5. Talk about your marriage with a friend.

Whether you need a person to vent to or you just want to share your marital experiences with someone else, talking it out can actually help.

"Many couples live very privately and discuss these issues with the shades down, but relationship issues like this can often benefit from hearing how people that you trust dealt with a similar situation," Ken Robbins, a clinical professor of psychology, told the news source.

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